Saturday, 5 July 2014

RANDOM TRUTH - 10 Fact Checking Sources

The internet is full of lies.  Here are places to help find the truth.
No site is 100% but the following sites show their research and sources, as opposed to say a random reshare or web claim.  I don't recommend relying solely on these sites for accurate information, but they are a good start.


  • The most famous debunking site.
  • The reliability has been attacked recently on political ground, but the most of the claims of bias have been proven false.

Hoax Slayer
  • Debunks common email hoaxes and scams.
The Skeptic's Guide.
  • Website of The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe podcast.
  • A podcast rather than a reference, but worth listening to to help critical thinking and looks skeptically at current stories.

  • Answers factual questions.

  • Another great debunking site.


Science Based Medicine (Health & Medicine)
  • Medical and health articles by scientist and doctors based on research, rather than by anecdotes and gut feeling spread by people trying to sell something. 

Bad Astronomy (Science/Astronomy)
  • Science, especially Astromony 

  • Myths and Legends about the comic industry.

Politifact (Politics)
  • Checks the truth behind political statements.

Scambuster (Scams)
  • Specifically busting scams.

Any thoughts on the above sites, reliability or quality?  Any other sites you'd suggest?

~ DUG.

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