Sunday, 26 February 2017

INTERNET MEMES DEBUNKED - Bond Villain to Imperial Officer...

The Internet is Full of Lies...

A meme uses 4 examples to show that being a Bond villain is a gateway to joining the Empire.

Does being a Bond villain lead to being recruited by the Empire?  Some say no, as the Bond films are set contemporary to their release and the Star Wars films were set a long time ago, but setting that aside...

Christopher Lee

    Count Dooku was a leader of the Separatist movement killed by [SPOILERS] during the Battle of Coruscant.  The attempts by Separatist movement to succeed from the Galactica Republic lead it to becoming the Galactic Empire.  Although Sheev Palpatine controlled all three organisations, Dooku was killed before the Empire even existed.

    Richard LeParamentier

      Richard was in Star Wars before he was in Octopussy and his character in the Bond film was an aid to the US General attending Octopussy's circus, not a villain.

      Julian Glover

        Richard was in The Empire Strikes Back, before he was in For Your Eyes Only.

        Mads Mikkelsen

          While some may argue that Erso attempt to flee the Empire and worked against their goals, he was still technically an Imperial Officer, so it counts.


          It should also be noted:

          Max von Sydow

            Some would discount Never Say Never Again because it wasn't an EON production, but it was still a Bond film and you don't get a bigger Bond villain than Blofeld.  Lor San Tekken helped the Resistance against the First Order which is closer to working against the Empire than working for it.

            Perhaps appearing as a Bond villain before appearing in a Star Wars film is the gateway to working against the Empire/First Order.

            ~ DUG.

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