Saturday, 30 August 2014


The internet is full of lies and lists.  And lists of lies.

Health and weight-loss is a lot more complex than a group of simple one-size fits all rules, no matter how appealing that seem.  Especially when some of those rules were invented to sell books, diet plans or food products.  Check here for the do list.

DON'T #1:  All over-processed foods, particularly white flour and sugar - True, to a point.

DON'T #2:  Chemically charged food - Misunderstanding of science and English.
  • All foods are chemicals.  Some natural chemicals found in food are bad for you, some artificial chemicals found in food are good for you.
  • For more information:  Acne EinsteinThe Conversation

DON'T #3:  Foods containing preservatives - Myth.

  • Another way to blame evil chemicals (see Don't #2).
  • Can actually be safe, protecting food from bacterial contamination and modern food distribution would be impossible without it.
  • Do not cause cancer.
  • For more information:  Ask MenAustralian Cancer Council

DON'T #4:  Artificial Sugars - Myth.
  • Another way to blame evil chemicals (see Don't #2).
  • Some minor side-effects in some people at massive (beyond normal consumption) levels.
  • Not found to cause cancer.
  • Found to help people stay on diets longer.
  • For more information:  Australian Cancer Council, WebMDWebMD (Truth #3), 

DON'T #5:  Artificial foods (such as processed cheese slices) - Myth.
  • Nonsense word usage.

DON'T #6:  Saturated & trans-fats - Mostly true.
  • Some trans-fats may be OK.
  • For more information:  NY TimesWebMD (Truth #7)

DON'T #7:  Sugar-loaded beverages, including colas and juices - True, but...
  • True you should avoid sugar-loaded food, including drinks.
  • However, is based on the idea that high fructose corn syrup is present and worse than normal sugar.  It isn't.
  • For more information:  WebMD (Truth #2)

DON'T #8:  Excessive amounts of alcohol - True.
  • Ever had a hangover?

DON'T #9:  All calorie-dense foods containing little or no nutritional value (anti-foods) - True.

DON'T #10: Super-sizing your meals.
  • Gramatically incorrect, should be "super-size your meals."
  • Portion size again.
  • And absolutely everything you can super size is covered by Don'ts #1 - 9. 

~ DUG.

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  1. Your response to #8 = I snorted

    then I reached for my glass and took a sip of Maker's Mark.