Saturday, 2 August 2014

LIST ITEMS DEBUNKED - Oblivion isn't based on a Graphic Novel

The internet is full of lies and lists.  And lists of lies.

Claim:  The 2013 movie Oblivion was based on a unmade comic book.

Joseph Kosinski had a treatment for an Oblivion film, but the 2007 - 2008 Writer's Strike meant that there was Guild members couldn't turn it into a script for him.  So, instead, he went to Radical Publishing (noe Radical Studios), a comic book publisher.

On his website Andree Wallin talks about working on the very first pitch illustration in 2009.

The project was announced with sample pages at San Diego Comic-Con in 2010, with Wallin's concept art, and although often referred to as a graphic novel, even at the time Kosinski called it an Illustrated Novel [a book with text and art (like a picture book) rather than a comic book], stating in an interview that: "I think 'Oblivion' could be made into a graphic novel with panels, but for our book, 'Oblivion' will be an illustrated novel with around 40 to 50 large wide format images interspersed through the story."

Kosinski says that he "basically used all that development as a pitch kit to the studio" and the illustrated novel was "it’s in the rear-view mirror, you know? It’s like part of the development process. The film is the end result."

The Truth:

Oblivion was never a graphic novel, and was never going to be.  It was a script idea with concept art which to keep the idea warm was shopped to a comic book publisher who helped promote it and get it made into a movie.
~ DUG.

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