Saturday, 10 January 2015


The internet is full of lies.

A pretty graphic infers that humans may have developed on Mars by lying.

Let's start with the 25 hour claim:  Not true.  The Martian day is 24 hours, 39 min 35 sec[reference] closer to 24 1/2 hours than 25.  The extra time is misrepresentation to strengthen the lie.

Circadian Rhythms are the daily cycle found in plants, animals, fungi, and cyanobacteria.  They are reset by daylight so are a 24 hour cycle (depending on the time of year).  Innate Circadian Rhythms is the cycle the body defaults to when light is taken out of the equation.

So, what about the claim of the 25 hour innate circadian rhythm?  There was a study which found a 13 - 36 hour range, with a 25 hour 12 min mean (which, obviously, doesn't sync up the 24h 40m of Mars).  However, that study has been debunked and better studies have found a intrinsic 24 hour 11 min cycle.[reference]  Of course, that number is closer the Earth's current 24 hours than to Mars' 24 hours 40 min.

The above mean uses the European Sleep Research Society as a source, however their website states: "sometimes occurs at a measurably different periodicity (e.g. 23 or 25 hours)" but not that it is 25 hours.[referemce]

If humans do go to Mars, there are plans to "reset" their Earth circadian rhythm to Martian time.[reference]

~ DUG.


  1. I think before you can declare yourself as the new Snopes of the internet, Paul, you should read the available research that has been peer reviewed and presented by prominent and respected medical institutions such as Pubmed Central (PMC) and the NIH. Blacks do have shorter innate circadian rhythms than whites-- medical fact!

    1. I'm not the new Snopes and the old Snopes is already on the internet. Calling it the Snopes of the internet isn't needed.

      The fact you mention, though interest, has no baring on the above.